Our Catholic Identity & Faith Life

St Mary’s Primary School is a Catholic School situated in the Parish of Boolaroo and Warners Bay. The parish and school are one closely linked Catholic community and acknowledge the importance of this relationship.

Our daily actions and interactions, policies and procedures are a reflection of our role model and teacher, Jesus Christ. As a Catholic school we acknowledge the importance of fostering the Catholic faith within the community through meaningful liturgy, prayer, symbols and rituals. As a school, we gather with the parish community to celebrate the Eucharist throughout the year, as well as through daily prayer and weekly reflections on the Gospel. A high quality and innovative Religious Education curriculum is taught daily in each classroom. As educators in a Catholic school, we can provide the children with faith experience but cannot replace the lived faith experience that parents provide in the home setting and as active members of our parish community.

The school is proactive in ensuring that the Catholic faith tradition and culture are actively fostered and celebrated. Our school culture lives our Vision, ‘Learning Together, Enriching Lives’, and provides faith formation and spiritual development for all members of our community.

Students are taught to live their faith and to be the ‘Face of God’ through meaningful student-centred liturgies and Masses that relate to their everyday lives.

The staff at St Mary’s ensure all liturgical celebrations, feast days and celebrations teach and encourage students to deepen their faith and foster their relationship with their God. These celebrations are planned on the School’s Liturgical Roster Framework and all staff members take responsibility for planning and leading these celebrations.

Every Monday morning the school community celebrates a liturgy based on the previous Sunday’s Gospel.