Our Crest

The white symbol in the middle has the letter ‘S’ and ‘R’ joined together.

This refers to the Latin term Salve Regina meaning ‘Hail Queen’ and refers to Mary, mother of Jesus and queen of heaven. The crown further reinforces the fact that Mary is queen of heaven. Mary was given the title queen of heaven by the church for a number of reasons. Primarily it is because of her faithfulness to God and her strength of conviction, which resulted in her saying ‘yes’ to having the Jesus the Son of God. Everything Mary did from telling people to do what her son said at the Wedding feast of Cana through to being one of the last present at the crucifixion, was about offering Jesus to the world and encouraging the world to live a life of faithfulness to God. The cross at the centre of the ‘S R’, which is formed by the extension of the ‘R’, symbolises Jesus. This reinforces the centrality of Jesus, but also the motto of to Jesus through Mary.

The crest says ‘To Jesus through Mary’, illustrating the primary focus of the school, which is to lead the community to a life with Jesus. Mary was the first disciple of Jesus always there at key moments in his ministry and the one who encourages the apostles to lead a life of faithfulness and prayer following the death of Jesus. Mary is the ultimate example of discipleship and it is through her example that we come to live a life with Jesus. As well as her example she intercedes (prays) for us.